Why Buy Pre-Owned

Anyone who is looking to buy a quality watch should consider a pre-owned as a possible option. If however you are new to this concept and are unsure why buying a pre-owned watch is a good idea then the information below should assist your decision and very possibly save you a lot of money.

Pre-Owned Watches Cost Less

The biggest hit of depreciation is during the transition from new to pre-owned. Many pre-owned watches will settle in price after this and depreciation will slow considerably, and some even increase in value through the chain reaction of price increases on new models, desirability and rarity.

There Are More Pre-Owned Watches To Choose From

The choices when it comes to buy pre-owned is near infinite. From time to time watch manufactures will discontinue and replace a model: they become only available in the pre-owned market place.


Some manufacturers will depreciate much more than others from new to pre-owned which is not good news if you bought new. However, when buying pre-owned it opens up opportunities to afford far more exotic pieces than you would have otherwise expected. It also means you can consider the piece you really want without being put off by inherent high depreciation.

Investment Opportunity

Luxury timepieces often offer an investment opportunity, however the market trends are difficult to gauge with brand new watches which are still in production. Price increase trends are much easier to spot, and much more reliable in the second-hand market.

Buy With Confidence

All stock we have listed has been fully authenticated by our team of experts, with any ambiguities clarified by the manufacturer.

If the manufacturer has a lost and stolen record, the watches are checked against it. Otherwise, to ensure all our watches have a clean history, the remainders are checked against The Watch Register, Checkmend or any other agencies that can be of assistance in this regard.

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