We know the value that peace of mind brings, so every* pre-owned watch we sell comes with a 12-month warranty alongside any remaining manufacturer’s warranty it may also have. Should your watch stop working properly through no fault of your own then we shall repair it free of charge for the duration of your warranty. Please note our warranty does not apply to brand new watches.

*On a rare occasion, we may sell a watch which is not covered by our warranty. These watches will typically be heavily discounted, and be in a “fair” condition or lower. We make it clear in each of our listings when a warranty is included.

Limited Warranty

In certain cases we offer “limited warranty”. This typically applies to older watches and will be described in the listing. Due to age, these watches may not fall within our typical expected tolerances for timekeeping, and are no longer suitable for use in wet environments or submersion in water.

How the Warranty Works

If you have any remaining manufacturer’s warranty, then you can send your watch to them for repair either via us or via an authorised retailer.

If your watch is covered by a Rolex Watch Trader Warranty but not the manufacturer’s warranty, then we will undertake the repairs in conjunction with the manufacturer where necessary.

If your watch is not covered by any warranty then you can send it in to us for a quote. Any work undertaken by us will be covered by a further 12 months Rolex Watch Trader warranty.

Important Information

Please note that our warranty covers manufacturing and mechanical defects only.

Our warranty is subject to the same terms and conditions as the manufacturer warranty. The standard manufacturer warranty does not cover theft or loss of the watch. Normal wear-and-tear or damage caused to the watch by accidents or mishandling/mistreatment are also excluded, as well as damage caused to a watch due to submersion in water which is against the manufacturer’s guidance. In particular, wear of the watch strap is not covered by the warranty.

Any modification of a watch by the addition or substitution of components by aftermarket products which have not been provided by the manufacturer will also invalidate the warranty. The use of aftermarket components can severely compromise the technical performance, reliability and waterproofness of the watch.

The warranty becomes void if the back of the watch is opened within the warranty period without the authorisation of Rolex Watch Trader. Your 12 month warranty is covered by us and all warranty returns have to be sent to us.

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