RWT Process

When a watch arrives with us, it goes through a stringent process before we can consider it ready for sale. Although the process will vary from watch to watch depending on its needs, the basic journey remains the same:

Once the watch arrives at our secure facility, the data team make sure that it is genuine and not stolen, cross-referencing the serial number with technical documents and manufacturer records.

It is then handed over to our servicing team who undertake a thorough inspection of the watch’s water resistance, accuracy, functionality and condition to determine if any work is required.

Depending on the type of watch and the level of servicing needed, it will be either sent to the manufacturer or will be serviced in-house.

Once the mechanicals have been checked and had any necessary work completed, the watch will then be refinished if required. This work is done by time served watchmakers.

The next step is the photography, capturing high resolution images to provide the most accurate representation possible for our website.

Once this is complete, the watch is stored securely, ready to be purchased from our office or sent out to its new owner.

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